Every day moments from Extraordinary Northland, New Zealand

Every day I feel blessed to live in such a glorious place - Doubtless Bay in the Far North of New Zealand.
There is so much beauty and creativity amongst the landscapes and the people. God has really displayed His genius !
As in all small towns around the world, we have our host of characters and unique local events and happenings.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Good Life

We talk about, we lament about, and dance around all, the sad and sorrow and lost, but we never give a penny or a toss, we never crow and shout, scratch notes and laugh, tell every one about, this good. The life we live, the breathe we heave, children tossed in clear air, against blue skies, falling on green grass, soft upon the happy hearts that break each day. Hope that throws out loss, light burning through the days and a love that never fails. Burn the bad, grow the good, let the world know, hope grows with the flowers, shining beyond a dawn, fading nights, of dancing glee. Life is good, tell the world, it is well with my soul.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I will hang on , no longer. I told my friend, and .. she said,"What for?" Which made me laugh to think, of all the hanging in, the clinging of and the futileness and the end of ... the hang over ! As hung out, drying my soul, i hid out from a life, that sighed in the sinking days, alone in a starless sky, moons hung above trees, and ground that never moved. I'm hanging up.
There'll be no more moments that hinge, breathes that latch, to hopes gone flying out skylights ... I have many hats to wear, and my own hooks to throw and, not maybe but surely, I'm ready for the catch.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The M Gene

Millie Pariri Rambles
In recent times it was discovered that myself and a selection of close friends had something in common. It was the E (for excitement) gene. Inside we have little self -powered dynamos that we do not need external stimulation to feel excitement. We are able to generate excitement from within and synthetic stimulants only deplete our natural excitement. My friends and I soon observed the E gene in some of our offspring and much to our excitement and pride, some of our grandchildren. Now another gene has come to my attention. Of course, it has always existed but I was just too excited to notice. There are certain special people who possess the M gene. M standing of course for minder, mate, mellow, manager, muse, medic (just joking) monitor! I like that one but in general, a friend who possesses the M gene is someone who sticks closer than a brother or in my case, two loyal boxer dogs, and keeps an eye on friends who possess the E gene. Hopefully for the sake of the Minder there are never more than 3 Exciters at any one time and preferably two are more Manageable in social settings. Minders make sure their loyal companions don’t fall over ( themselves, fires, people, logs, small children and so on) that when they spill their drinks they then don’t fall on the glass, drink a strangers drink, drive a car, get in the wrong car, fall into a fire, stream, busy road or unsuspecting strangers. Minders make sure their over excited friends don’t dance too fast when the music gets loud and perform all of the above. Minders stand in front of cameras so their over-E’d friends don’t get snapped having Too Much Fun. Because they will be! They will be having more fun than a whole party and their neighbours. Minders are mature but not stuffy or boring. They will be having their own good time, in a quiet, restful way. They rejoice in their friends excitement and a tiny part of them will be wishing they could be so exuberant and carefree but a bigger part is happy to share the excitement but not the bruises or the shudders of ill remembered embarrassment the next day. Not that Exciters really care. The fun was worth any fuss they leave in their wake and they are so loved and admired, never a grudge is held or a murmur shared. Of course the Exciters are lost without their Minders and their undying loyalty will follow their Minders to the grave. The shadow of every Exciter is a Minder. We owe our stability and existence to our Minders that have been with us, sometimes since childhood. We can step back 30 or 40 years and laugh unflinchingly with our Minders. They see the innocence, the frailty of our adventures. The fearless steps we had to run up to become who we are, our Minders gasping behind us as we looked back at them, shouting, I’ve made it, again! Thank you to the Minders who in the immortal words of David Bowie sang along with us: We can be Heroes, just for one day, We can beat them, forever and ever.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shine Times

I wish,
so far away but just a tap on the keys.
sigh, really,
I wish it wasn't so far but...
there's wine,
I hear a song,
a gentle whistle from the highway
and I see shining.
But it's all full moon,
sinking below the window sash,
twittering birds song on fresh dew,
sunrise shine upon the lawn and...
So far away,
I hear a whistle blow
and a twinkly, shine a mission on the road,
let's go xxxxx

Sunday, February 5, 2012

If I Could Write a Song

If I could write a song,

I would sing it to you and make it loud so

that you would hear me from heaven;

me on earth,

shouting out my new lyrics,

‘specially for you.

Singing with all my lungs,

deep from my heart,

big voice,

big love…earth to heaven,

big sis to little brother.

Hear me, singing and singing,

writing songs,

singing along with you if you were here,

and you would play those bendy chords and we

would sing to us for us.

Laughing out loud till the tears fell on the rose.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Ladies who Lunched by the Lake

There is a beautiful lake just north of Kaitaia and my dear friend Sasha lives in a gorgeous cottage overlooking the peaceful yet tepid waters of Lake Ngatu. Today I met with my lady lunchers, Bella and Jeanette at Sasha’s cottage. We prepared food for our lunch and we took our time as there was much to talk about and catch up on. There were photos to be shared and Christmas stories of family and fun to be told.

Surprisingly we had all bought chunks of Christmas cake.               There is much talk and hype in the media these days about “slow food”; that it must be cooked slowly from the freshest ingredients        at low temperatures for optimum flavour. So we slowly prepared      our food from fresh ingredients. It took a couple of hours to get the food on the table and it took an hour or so to eat all the yummy dishes. Slow eating. This is the new hype. Eating slowly, talking often, and enjoying food and company – now that is art. Chewing and smiling, tearing fresh focaccia, stopping to take a photo, laughing at the dogs that were playing and barking beside our table, planning our next picnic and what we would bring. Bring the love, bring friends and laughter, invite sunshine, birds, fresh flowers and then be sure to have a nearby swimming hole or beach.

Yes, Lady Lunchers, time flies when you are having fun so take your time and wring every giggle and tear out of every moment. Catch them and keep them in a treasure box under your bed, write promises and poems to smuggle under your pillows in the night time- but most of all, promise yourself to always have lunch by the lake with your lady friends.

Life is short and lady friends are in shorter supply so don’t forget to smuggle their names into your prayers every night and send a poem to them now and then.